Road Freight

Road Freight Services – Import and Export,
Throughout Europe.

European Road-freight services (EU and non-EU countries)

Serving Europe wide destination for both export and import shipments of all sizes. Through many years of experience we have been able to partner many International hauliers who provide us with independent services within their regions.

We have the ability to move the smallest shipment to the large project movements which requires low loaders and permits. Whether it is in United Kingdom or the rest of Europe our department can provide you with the knowledge to control shipments, take the pain away from your company and provide you with competitive fast and professional service. No matter what the size, regularity and country we are dealing with. We can provide you with the tariff to suit your needs.

We understand if your consignments are of high value and require quick secure movements, SWL has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this area.

Whether your consignment is for a film set, an urgent time sensitive order or a production line waiting for the urgent part. Our operations department at Sunbury Warehousing and Logistics have handled this type enquiry previously and dealt with the situation on many occasions, quickly and with complete transparency.